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Robin T. Terry Celebrates the Release of Her First Book

Local author Robin T. Terry shares her story of struggle, teen pregnancy, and the power of love and hope in her first book, Resilient: My Story God's Glory. Located in the Memphis, TN area, she looks forward to sharing the release of her book with enthusiastic readers, young mothers, and teens everywhere facing the uncertainty of life and the challenges that it presents.

An Honest and Hopeful Biography of Our World

Robin's story begins just like millions of teenagers across the nation, in a quiet suburban neighborhood in a staunchly Christian Mississippi town. Readers will relive the moments of that first hopeful sexual encounter that rapidly turns into a night of self-doubt, judgment, and ultimately an unexpected pregnancy. Even after suffering at the hands of those she thought loved her, Robin overcame that sense of loss and rediscovered joy in her children, confidence in her strength, and acceptance in the hands of God.

Seven Years of Work Available Now

Her first book is finally ready for the public after seven long years of development. As a local author, she is actively working with bookstores, coffee shops, churches, and youth groups to help bring her message of love and success to everybody in the area. Why seven years? She is also a mother to four beautiful children while working as a pharmacist in oncology care.

A Local Author Bringing Faith and a Future to Our Young Mothers

If your group is seeking a powerful motivational speaker, local author Robin T. Terry is now booking appearances at local schools, churches, and social groups in an effort to empower young mothers through her non-profit foundation the Robin Terry Foundation, Inc. She is eager to connect with readers and those who need a helping hand to find their own path to success.

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