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A Tale of Hope and Courage: Resilient: My Story God's Glory

The new book Resilient: My Story God's Glory is now available for purchase and offers up the personal tale of Robin Terry, the challenges of teen pregnancy, and finding the inner strength to overcome society's perceptions of your choices. This is the first book released by the Robin Terry and is tied into the establishment of her non-profit the Robin Terry Foundation, Inc. that focuses on supporting teen mothers in their pursuit of a fulfilling and meaningful life.

An Honest and Hopeful Biography of Our World

My story begins just like millions of teenagers across the nation, in a quiet, small Mississippi town. Readers will relive the moments of that first hopeful sexual encounter that rapidly turns into a night of self-doubt, judgment, and ultimately an unexpected pregnancy. Even after suffering at the hands of those she thought loved her, she overcame that sense of loss and rediscovered joy in her children, confidence in my strength, and acceptance in the hands of God.

Rediscovering a Path Full of Hope and Joy

Before finding the inner peace she enjoys today,  Robin had to travel the rough path of losing the closeness she once felt with some of her family & friends, and even the joy she once felt for the church when she became pregnant at the age of just 15. However, through the years of struggle and personal discovery, she once again came to understand that the endless love found in Jesus provides the hope and joy needed to turn her life into a success story.

Sharing This Message with Local Young Mothers

Motivated to share her personal story with others, Resilient: My Story God's Glory was written with the intent of reaching as many at-risk teens and young mothers as possible. The one moment of indecision or making a choice that later turns to regret is not the defining moment in anyone's life. While teens may be seeking the forgiveness of those closest to them, it is embracing yourself that leads the way back to a life filled with faith and love.

Building a Future Full of Promise

With the release of her book, Robin Terry is now traveling to bookstores, churches, teen centers, and local youth service groups to provide motivational speeches that empower the next generation of young parents to believe in their own power, love, and the blessings of God.

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