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Inspiring Young Mothers

Getting pregnant and raising a child is hard enough when you are married, own a house, and have the full support of everybody you know. When you are an unwed teenager, it is devastating.  Robin T. Terry, a local author has delivered her first book, Resilient: My Story, God's Glory that explores her own tale of teen pregnancy in a small town in Mississippi and the path she walked to return to God's glory.

Delivering a Message of Strength and Promise

Available as a public speaker to youth groups and unwed mothers, she brings a message of optimism that empowers each attendee with the confidence to explore the process of succeeding as a parent, a young woman, and a person of faith. Robin speaks from a position of personal experience and is able to face her audience with compassion and understanding.

Available to Work with Your Youth Group and Local Shelters

Resilient Robin T. Terry offers the services of her non-profit the Robin Terry Foundation, Inc. to help your group reconnect with their faith and families. She is available to travel throughout the country, delivering inspirational speeches and working with your clients on a one-on-one basis. She brings an open and welcoming approach to addressing the uncertainties that many young mothers face when on their own.

Finding Faith Once Again

The best part of encountering Robin during one of her public engagements, is seeing her absolute love and faith in the power of God and His Son Jesus Christ. Even when teen mothers experience the rejection and judgment of their peers, parents, and educators, the positive energy found in Faith can help them find the will to overcome their personal struggles.

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