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A Motivational Speaker that Connects with Young and Teenage Mothers

Not every woman begins their adult life in a perfect world. Author and motivational speaker, Robin T. Terry, fully understands the truth of that statement and is available to share her personal story of struggle, teenage pregnancy, and self-doubt with your group of young mothers and teenage girls. While she suffered the loss of an important family relationship and hurt within her church, she discovered that the path toward the future is paved with God's grace and your own determination.

Believing in Yourself and Your God

At a time when a young mother may doubt everything around her, that is when Robin Terry's message is most important to hear. She conveys how she rediscovered the endless love and strength found in faith, God, and Jesus, which empowered her to tap into her inner strength and overcome mountains of physical and emotional obstacles.

Robin Terry Delivers a Message of Strength and Hope

She is available to work with small groups or large gatherings from youth centers to rehabilitation facilities. Schools and churches can provide an afternoon of positive energy to students and parishioners. For the young woman who is facing the challenge of an unexpected pregnancy and early motherhood, she provides the inspiration needed to look forward to love and life.

Eye to Eye: Discovering the Will to Succeed

Perhaps the most important part of Robin Terry's message is that she personally experienced all the negative scenarios that many teenage mothers face in our society. She offers a message of acceptance that reinforces the Christian values we share without the judgment often found in small towns and close-knit neighborhoods.

Contact Robin about booking her services for your church, book club, graduation, or youth services group today.

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