"I want my story to inspire and encourage other young ladies like me. The misfits. The risk-takers. The headstrong. The kind-hearted. The fighters. The survivors."

~Robin Terry~


Robin Terry, Author, Speaker, Teacher

Robin has written her first of many books to come. Check it out! You just might love it!


Robin is the founder of the Robin Terry Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization purposed to inspire & empower teenage and young mothers to become what they dream they can be  


Dr. Robin Terry is an author, speaker, and teacher. She also happens to be a pharmacist proudly serving her community in Memphis, TN

Thank you for reading. You just helped a mother in need. 

Whenever you purchase Resilient: My Story, God's Glory, five percent of the profits are donated to the Robin Terry Foundation, Inc. 

The Robin Terry Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization meeting the needs of teenage mothers through mentoring, counseling, life skills training, and scholarship. Your purchase or donation will help us impact a nation of single mothers through transformational change and motivational activities as we continue our journey of growth, faith, and healing together. 

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